Yello is a new, smart phonedialler application, which has become the first choice for millions of people to connect with their loved ones around theWorld. The number of Yelloers is growing rapidly.

Yello! Amongst many other diallers has emerged as your very own friendly App, which helps you to Share when you are not there. Just one easy download and you can instantly connect with you loved ones, anywhere in the World. Don’t miss out on anything, in your home when you are away.

Yello’s goal is to:

  • Always give customers the value for their money.
  • Make sure, all our calls are, of great quality.
  • Make our products easy-to-use and keep our rates cost-effective.
  • Make sure, all our relationships are built on trust and understanding of what ourcustomers really want and what they want is, just not about calls. It is about, bonding with their loved ones.

Yello was born in 2012, aiming to bring people closer. We are offering free calls, to your loved ones, in different countries, from Yello to Yello. You can make, high quality free phone calls and do free video conferencing, from your Yello to your loved one’s  Yello. Any kind of attachment including pictures, photos and files can be transferred freely, between other Yello users worldwide. Yello calls are in HD quality and often offer better sound quality, than other carrier networks.

Yello has a brilliant team, which is working hard to bring you the best quality in voice service and video conferencing. We value your money that’s why we are offering cheapest international calls anywhere around the world.

Yello is a free android, iphone and blackberry app, which you can download and make free international calls from Yello to Yello and cheap international calls from yello to non yello users.

Yello is a pure breed, of technology and telecommunication and the innovations brought into it, are for our valued customers, so they can enjoy free calls and messages and international calls, at very cheap rates.

100% Free

Yello and all the basic features are completely free. With Yello you can control the costs of your mobile phone and avoid any “bill shock”. Call, Text or send video to Yello members as much as you like, no matter where they are or which device or network they are using. All you need is a 3G or Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity. Just make sure that all your friends are also on Yello so that you can enjoy it all the time without any hassle and billing worries!

Simple to Use

Once you download the application, you can use Yello. You don’t need to activate anything, create a username, a memorable password, send out invitations or go through any registration process. After a quick download, you can start making free calls, sending free texts, pictures, locations and videos- in one touch!

Acts Just Like Your Regular Phone

Yello uses your mobile phone number and address book, and instantly shows you which of your friends already has Yello. While other apps requires you to add contacts from the list, wait for acceptance on request, maintaining of separate contact lists but Yello is hassle-free. With Yello you can call, text and share stuff with your member friends on Yello by using their real numbers, which are already in your phone book instead of separate ID’s/usernames.


Value Addition

We continue to work hard to bring you many more features and to keep developing versions for more platforms which ads value in your services.

Advertising Free

Yello doesn't accept any advertising on our application. We guarantee that our free calls, texts and videos will always be free from advertisements for its best Quality of Services (QoS).

Always On

Yello doesn't drain your mobile battery or use up your device’s memory. You can always receive your incoming calls, text message notifications and video calls without burdening your device.

Best Sound and Video Quality

Yello’s cutting-edge technology ensures that the sound & video quality you get is much better than any regular phone calls as it the latest & state-of-the art-technology with easy use.